Fillmore County Fair

JULY 19-24, 2016   


The Fillmore County Fair has been a family tradition since 1858 and the Fillmore County Agriculture Society has been hosting since 1865.  This multi generational event is a reflection of the values, culture, history, heritage and dreams of all that call Fillmore County their home.

We are very excited to celebrate yet another Fillmore County Fair with our fellow neighbors and are appreciative of the men and women that came before us and used their efforts to contribute in the development, pride and success of the Fillmore County Fair that we are now privileged to.

Please join us as we celebrate our 158th anniversary. Enjoy the week as we provide an opportunity for all ages to display their skills and instill the importance of community development and teaching the importance of agriculture in our community.

Fillmore County Ag Society Board of Directors 

   Greg Dornink - President
                Dennis DeVries - Vice President
Kathy Tesmer - Secretary
  Doug Lind - Treasurer
Kyle Chiglo
  Andy Craig
  Lowell Drinkall 
Mike Fenske
Karl Housker
Kurt Raaen
Devon Krueger
Aaren Mathison
Jennifer Pickett
Fred Williams
Colin Winslow


We would like to thank the community for their support of the Fillmore County Fair.  If you have suggestions that could improve the fair, please contact us at: 
FACEBOOK: Fillmore County Fair Preston, MN
TWITTER: Fillmore County Fair @fillmorecounty

 Meeting Times and Location:
            First Tuesday of the month at 8:00 PM.  County Office Building Room 108.
                       -Except for the month of January.
            Work nights will be held at the fairgrounds every Wednesday at 6:00PM until completed.
                        -First night will be May 20th

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